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Welcome toMedical Partner
What isMedicalPartner?
Executives at
Medical Partner Co., Ltd. and consulting specialists in various fields are also focused on keeping up with new research and new medical academic knowledge for innovation of new high-quality products.

About us

The driving force of all speeches, we believe that creation should be the point around which any communication strategy revolves.
All selections made by medical knowledge to ensure premium products and correct academic principles in every service and every product to consumers both in Thailand and abroad.

We have all services by ambulance, yacht or private jet


Our service enables patients to reach their destination quickly and efficiently.

While in transit, highly trained drivers, medical team and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics provide medical services that may be needed to ensure a safe arrival.

Our company has Vision to give back to community, especially in health and educations.

The company has many projects to participate in charity events and donate for the hospitals or foundations related to various health system as well as providing scholarships to medical students, nurses, pharmacists and always supporting scientific researcher.

Medical check-up

Providing consulting services,
team of doctors, nurses and
technicians for annual health
check-up or general health

Covid-19 mobile
station test

Providing on-site testing for COVID-19 by a team of highly experienced nurses and medical technicians who had training the standard medical course.

Transportation medicine

Maintain or improve a
patient’s medical condition
during transport