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Our service enables patients to reach their destination quickly and efficiently.

While in transit, highly trained drivers, medical team and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics provide medical services that may be needed to ensure a safe arrival.


Our board of directors is also the founder and director of Thai-Japanese Elderly
Care Center for more than 30 years, which provides a care services for the elderly who can’t help themselves or the elderly with medical conditions that requiring close supervision from the doctor and nursing team as well as having a therapist and physical equipment for rehabilitation.

Providing both short-term and long-term care by a team of doctors who are specialty and experience for chronic medical care or elderly condition. Our doctors do work with the very professional teams of nurses, pharmacists, and rehabilitation team.

Our elderly care centers are available for both Thais and foreigners. Especially Japanese, which has been certified and received many awards from the Japanese
Embassy for caring for the elderly and patient with 
chronic medical conditions for many years. We have specialist doctor who had a degree from Japan’s medical school.

Medical check-up

Providing consulting services, team of doctors, nurses and technicians for annual health check-up or general health check-up. We also can organize the team of doctors and nurses for both general clinic and
specialized clinic on site.

Our service including collect specimen, diagnose and interpret from the standard mobile laboratory or on-site x-rays.

Covid-19 mobile station test

Providing on-site testing for COVID-19 by a team of highly experienced nurses and medical technicians who had training the standard medical course.

Medical business consultant

We offer for a consulting service in medical business, opening and managing hospitals, medical clinic, cosmetic clinic, or wellness center. Management of medical business and health care. Consulting on the medical business investments; including introducing business networks for your company and consultant for solve the issue in the health system business both in the private segment and government.

Transportation medicine

“Maintain or improve a patient’s medical condition during transport”

Our service enables patients to reach their destination quickly and efficiently. While in transit, highly trained drivers, medical team and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics provide medical services that may be needed to ensure a safe arrival. 

We have all services by ambulance, yacht or private jet.